Sunday, February 07, 2021

k3s and MetalLB "destination unreachable" issue

I was trying out MetalLB with a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster (using the k3s distro), and was hitting issues with requests to the cluster IP seemingly randomly giving me "destination unreachable". I noticed with Wireshark that I was getting a ton of "gratuitous" ARP packets. Every few seconds.

I inspected MetalLB's logs with the following command:

kubectl logs -lapp=metallb --namespace metallb-system --all-containers=true --prefix -f

It was logging the message "IP allocated by controller not allowed by config" every few seconds.

Turned out to be k3s's builtin internal load balancer that was interferring with MetalLB. Disabling it with the "--disable=servicelb" flag during k3s's installation fixed the issue.

curl -sfL | K3S_CLUSTER_INIT=1 INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--disable=servicelb" sh -

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