Sunday, July 08, 2012

Windows Shares vs. FTP vs. FTPS vs. SFTP

Conducted this little test between a Windows 7 machine and Windows XP machine on a 100 Mbit switch. 

Used FileZilla server for FTP and FTPS server, FileZilla as FTP and FTPS client, Cygwin OpenSSH as SFTP server and WinSCP as SFTP client.

Was surprised to see how much overhead there was on FTPS, but it could also be something specific to FileZilla.

Windows sharesFTP FTPSSFTP
2700 files, 200Mb4,17 Mb/sec
48 secs
4,76 Mb/sec
42 secs
0,61 Mb/sec
326 secs
3,03 Mb/sec
66 secs
1 file, 550Mb9,82 Mb/sec
56 secs
11,22 Mb/sec
49 secs
11,00 Mb/sec
50 secs
6,25 Mb/sec
88 secs

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